Tribe speaks....


When I say life is beautiful. I mean whatever life throws at me expected or unexpected, I love it, and cherish it and make way for living it to the fullest. That thought of Life is Nandita.

In my terminology, She is the modern original living version of “Krishna” for me. The one who loves to give and receive love. 

“The Krishna in Gokul spread the love with his charming and endeavoring talks and activities. The same Krishna in Mahabhartha portrayed immense wisdom and guidance to the seekers that became lifelong lessons.” She does both for me in this life. 

She is the one who loves without judging and is very outspoken about it. As Krishna’s flute was spellbinding and addictive, her joyousness is addictive, you just want to stay in that space for long. When you get a glimpse of the way she lives, you just want to have emulated it. Her other avatar gives me “out of the world” Maata mode wisdom, that one can’t neglect ever, because, in the end, you choose her advice as to your best option. 

The best thing about her I admire is that she knows how to portray her thoughts with the perfect words. 

For me, she is an answer to all confusions about choosing pathways to life. 

She has that Midas touch of turning every negative situation into positive learnings. 

Being in close connection with her, I can admit that she is a live telecast of living emotions to the extreme, and no doubt she is termed as a person of extremes. 

Her forte is Self-Love. And her niche is the way she lives her life. I liked someone who has spoken about her that “Nandita is a gentle reminder of life”. Often we forget, under the norms of society, mistakenly perceive self-love as the most selfish act. But she challenges that and says “Being selfish is the best virtue one can have.” Ironically, She is so in love with herself that she doesn’t even need someone else to praise her, she genuinely praises herself a lot. Not for the sake of affirming and just being positive, but for real!

Her persona reflects her inner and outer beauty to the core. She is kind of a mysterious book in which every single page oozes high vibrational love. And reading page per page you get perplexed about the mystery behind that everlasting charm of love.

If I say I am in love with her, then it’s because it’s her mind I love. She is the beautiful heiress of a beautiful mind and soul. Her spectrum of knowledge is so vast and captivating that she can talk about neuroscience or about spirituality, economy, food, or anything you can think of; and she always makes sense. Just with her enchanting words about any topic, she can bring you on to her page, and you dive in before you know it. My favorite topic to discuss with her is life. The other thing that intrigues me is that she is so unique and original about her fundas about all aspects of life. Some that I have never ever heard or read from anyone.

To summarise, Nandita (Mayaa) is the Melodious Maverick of magical essence.


They are true-hearted & authentic

They believe in their own vision and ideas for the world.

They challenge the status quo.

They have strong convictions.

They have great intuition.

They choose to see the world with their own eyes.

They have superpowers.

My friend, philosopher, and guide!
I never expected to make new, lasting friendships at this age and stage in life. But if there is anything Nandita has taught me it is to believe in miracles and that the universe answers your prayers!
She is the answer to all my questions and has filled gaps I didn’t realize I was living with! She reads me perfectly and is the balm to my frazzled nerves!

To give selflessly, to live in the moment, to be positive at all times, and to love life... these are what Nandu, as I lovingly call her, embodies and it’s what she is infecting me with! I love it!

Nandita Sharma to the world and Nanziii to me is a life raft.
Her philosophy of not only accepting me as I am but encouraging it and building my confidence.
She is a happy soul whose philosophy is very simple, she has her heart in the right place.
Her smile that lights her face & eyes, lights my world.
She is my happy-o-meter.

  1. Who is she for you? -  The most beautiful and adorable woman and beautiful heart.
  1. How she perceives Life? -  Focus on the good things. Giving love and taking love.
  1. What is her best advice you have acquired in life? - Love yourself first.
  1. Have she impacted your personality in any way, if yes what? - Life is beautiful to enjoy it don't care about selfish and negative people.
  1. One thing you wish to have that she possesses. - Success in all fields and happiness.
  1. Who is she for you? - She's a good friend
  1. How does she perceive Life? - She is clear in thought and mind and knows what to be done in every situation.
  1. What is her best advice you have acquired in life? - To stay strong and positive in life.
  1. Has she impacted your personality in any way, if yes what? - Yes, 100% ....I'm not what I was a few years back ...I have evolved as a person in all aspects of life with her guidance...
  1. One thing you wish to have that she possesses. - Yes her multiple things she has done in life…

If I have to to sum up Nandita in few words it would definitely be-

Nandita- A Gentle reminder for Life

A chance meeting with Nandita spiraled into quest for finding myself and realization of best version of myself which I was not even acquainted with, under her guidance and motivation.

She came into my life, shining like a bright beacon of light... Full of positive vibes.🤗🤗 There has been always a soothing and healing energy present in her aura.  And I am grateful for that