Her Story of Transformation

This is an extraordinary story of an ordinary girl. Many have seen her but no one understood.

Who she really is?

Under the multiple layers of people’s perspective. And her journey, crossing multiple roads filled with various twists, highs and lows. How she found the elixir of life “The everlasting source of love”. And her enigmatic relationship with universe and effervescent wisdom….


Human This is the story of a woman, who has always lived in two different worlds. One where life was perfect, it was made of pure good. Everything was beautiful, and everyone was appreciative of her. This was the world of her thoughts. This was her home where she ...

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Alchemist Life started to change, as the whole universe was conspiring to make her dreams true. Her desires started manifesting in the most mysterious and joyful ways. Her garden got filled with flowers and butterflies. More positive and joyful people started entering her life. Her work became fulfilling and ...

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