Life started to change, as the whole universe was conspiring to make her dreams true. Her desires started manifesting in the most mysterious and joyful ways. Her garden got filled with flowers and butterflies. More positive and joyful people started entering her life. Her work became fulfilling and rewarding. All problems got turned into solutions. Her life was no more about steps taken, rather the moments enjoyed.

If her days were joyful, evenings were indeed blissful. Champagne of love was flowing freely, surrounding her with loving friends and uninterrupted rounds of laughter.

And one other thing that changed much is, she was happy seeing others happy. And she got to know that she is “Blessed to be Blessed”. She was aware that she has the power to change, whatever she touches. So she started choosing to touch diligently. And She was still yet flowing…

And this new phase of her life has blessed her with a new super power of newer perspective. Now she was able to help people to be change maker in their own life. She was happy sharing the joy of inner healing. She was still a simple normal human being but she was happy. Her joy was contagious, intensity of her free flowing bliss made disappear unbelievably at first glare.

She started feeling a stronger connect with Divine and surrender herself to be. Flowing with the flow of this magnificent universe. Her heart started interpreting what her vision was showing with this newer rainbow colour light. 

What she felt, said and interpret was beyond limits of art and science. 
Unintentionally, she turned into a philosopher.
A philosopher with a happy heart.